who we are.

As bartenders and friends, we set out to shake up an industry that had gone flat.

We don’t compromise on anything. We know our flavours and we know how to mix them.

Our quality mixers are big on flavour, with less sugar, fewer calories and absolutely nothing artificial. We even reduced the amount of quinine in our tonics to make them less bitter and better balanced.

So whatever the occasion, you bring the good times and we’ll make your drinks better.

Not that we need an excuse to drink tequila... but it's International Tequila Day today - pour out those T&Ts, grab a grapefruit and enjoy.
Make every pour hit the spot.

Sun-drenched G&Ts - yes please. Happy heatwave friends.
Summer is back - time to crack open a Lixir or two.
Set the bar high with Lixir - wherever you serve, whatever you serve.

Sinking a few G&Ts to steady the nerves #itscominghome
Where we’ll be until Sunday 👀🤞