As bartenders and friends, we set out to shake up an industry that had gone flat.

Like most good stories, the idea for Lixir Drinks was born on a night out.

Whilst working behind the bar together, we had seen the popularity of flavoured spirits grow, as well as people becoming more health conscious drinkers. There seemed to be something missing – there wasn’t a mixer brand that combined big flavour with less sugar, fewer calories and nothing artificial. We wanted to create a brand that had a bit of an edge, with a contemporary feel, that looked as good as it tasted – so that’s exactly what we did.

Once we had the idea, we then had to make it a reality, so we set out to provide the world with something fresh, natural and unique, and to really bring drinks back to what it’s all about – having a good time. We spent over a year working on the perfect balance of flavours, paying special attention to the ingredients we were using. We knew that quinine was an essential flavour profile in tonic but that it was often way too bitter, so we decided to create all of our tonics with less quinine for a more balanced taste.

Since its launch in 2018 through a successful crowdfunding campaign, Lixir Drinks has evolved into an award-winning mixer brand that can now be found across the UK and the world.

We created Lixir to be the mixer that makes the good times more special, because we truly believe that a mediocre drink is a wasted moment. And we’re only just getting started.

Matt & Jordan, Founders.


Lixir Drinks is on a mission to become the most loved mixer brand. Whether we’re building a dynamic community of Lixir fans, delivering the most creative campaigns in the industry or producing our award-winning mixers with less sugar, fewer calories and absolutely nothing artificial, we’re committed to leaving our people and the planet better off than we found them, and sharing the good times along the way.


As a small team building something new from the ground up, we have a unique opportunity to design the future of our business to have not just a neutral, but a positive impact on the planet and its people. That’s why we’re constantly working to ensure that every decision we make is an improvement to the world around us. Check out the some of the initiatives we’ve taken so far below.

Up first is our work with Planet Mark. These guys are the experts at measuring carbon footprint, from the creative ideas we have in the office, all the way through to the tonic you pour into your G&T at your favourite bar.

We worked with them to work out where we have got to today with our carbon footprint and to set goals for the coming years to minimise our impact on the planet. We’re proud to say that we are certified carbon neutral, but our goal is to go well beyond this and eventually become carbon negative. Read on to see how we are doing this…

Find out more about Planet Mark here.

It’s all very well taking the time to painstakingly work out your impact on the planet with Planet Mark, but then what do you do with that information afterwards?! Enter Ecologi who are our chosen partner for offsetting our monthly carbon emissions.

So far, we’ve planted hundreds of trees in Madagascar (rumour has it, that’s Matt’s favourite movie), Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda and Nicaragua. We’ve also offset nearly 100 tonnes of CO2 through carbon reduction projects worldwide such as protecting 27,000+ hectares of threatened Amazonian rainforest and generating wind power in Vietnam and Northeast Thailand (last updated February 2023).

If that’s all made your head spin a little, then centre yourself again by visiting our virtual forest below which shows all the trees we’re planting as it happens, where in the world they are and when they were planted!

Visit our Virtual Rainforest here!

We’re lucky enough to work in an industry that’s all about sharing the good times together – that’s why most of us ended up in the world of drinks. Liquid is at the heart of everything we do and so when we were thinking about how we could use our growing success to help those in need, Just A Drop felt like a no brainer!

For every single case of Lixir that’s sold, we donate 100 litres of clean drinking water. So far, our donations have gone to a local community in Kenya where we’ve worked with the locals to build a 104m3 water tank which will ensure a supply of clean drinking water year-round for the Mwania Primary School. We’ve also been supporting the education of students and teachers on the importance of hand washing and teaching them how to make soap which can be sold at market. On top of this we’ve just started using biomass to produce electricity in Chile and distributed cleaner cookstoves in Zambia and Ghana.

As a team we are super passionate about this partnership and have local initiatives planned to raise funds above and beyond what we donate through our sales.

Find out more about our partnership with Just A Drop here.

Ah, B Corp™, the holy grail! In October 2022 we became the first ever mixer brand in the UK to become a Certified B Corporation®.

B Corp™ independently certifies that Lixir is meeting the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

We’re super excited to have joined the global movement of companies using businesses as a force for good!

Please drop us a message if you’d like to talk through any of the above and if you have any ideas for other things we could be doing as a team and business.

Love Team Lixir
(Jordan, Matt, Harriet, Mel & Charli) x