The Perfect Glass For Your Next G&T

Highball, stemless, rocks… Copa de Balon?

Choosing your gin, a deliciously paired tonic and your garnish takes you close to the perfect G&T. But the perfect glass can make the experience even better. Traditionally, gin and tonics are served in a Tom Collins glass (the tall tumbler). The Tom Collins is a decent choice – the design of the glass works well as there’s plenty of space for your ice, tonic and of course, gin. However, there’s a new(er), even better kid on the block… the Copa de Balon.

What is a Copa de Balon?

The Copa de Balon, also known as the Copa glass, is a curvaceous, bowl-shaped glass and sits on a stem. For some quick background, the glass itself dates back to the 1700s, in the Basque region of Northern Spain. It resembles that of a large wine glass, except it has a few little traits that make your G&T experience all the better.

Why is it good for a G&T?

Firstly, the generously rounded shape allows the botanicals in your serve and your chosen garnish to blend together and infuse your drink with flavour. The glass curves back in slightly at the top, which helps to trap the aromas of the gin within your glass, lifting the fragrance of the drink to enhance your sip further.
Secondly, the spacious bowl enables a generous serving of ice, keeping your tipple refreshingly cold and carbonated, along with plenty of room for the gin, tonic and garnish.
Finally, the long stem prevents the hand from warming up the glass and therefore stops the ice from melting as quickly and diluting the drink.

So it only felt right that we should make our ideal G&T emoji in the image of the Copa de Balon!

If you haven’t already heard, we’re on a mission to get a G&T emoji! Help us get #JusticeForGin by signing our petition and sharing it far and wide.

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