Why Low-Calorie Tonic Water Makes the Perfect Mixer

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In many bars, restaurants, and kitchens throughout the UK and beyond, every night drinks are combined together in the quest for the perfect cocktail.

When crafting tasty and refreshing cocktails, the choice of mixer can make all the difference.

This is the secret ingredient that packs a punch of flavour and provides the perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness.

When it comes to the ideal mixer, few options can offer the versatility and health-conscious appeal of the low-calorie tonic waters provided by Lixir Drinks.

In this blog, we’re going to look into just why this is the case and delve a little deeper into just what a well-chosen, low-calorie tonic water can do.

Let’s take a look.

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How Low-Calorie Tonic Waters are Made

The journey to creating tonic waters that are low in calories but always packed full of flavour is to focus on the ingredients.

Instead of using high amounts of sugar, adding natural flavours can provide the sweet or acidic taste intended without adding all of the calories.

In all of our tonic waters, we use natural flavourings such as quinine to get that unmistakable bitterness, as well as citric acid to add an extra kick and more.

These ingredients are a big reason why a quick look at a multipack of flavoured tonic waters shows an average calorie count of only 22 per 100 ml.

Once we have the ingredients, each beverage is tested until the combination of flavours is just right, and we’re sure the perfect low-calorie mixer has been made.

So, now you know how it’s made, let’s find out why these mixers are such a great choice.

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4 Reasons Why Low-Calorie Tonic Water is the Ideal Mixer

Less Calories in Your Drink

Let’s start with the obvious one.

Mixers can add a lot of calories to a drink. When combined with alcohol, which can have a high-calorie count itself, this can be a dangerous combination.

If you are conscious of calorie consumption, then using a low-calorie mixer can help you moderate your intake and means you can still enjoy the flavour of your favourite cocktail or gin and tonic without going over your daily limit.

For example, 100ml of full-fat coke will contain around 42 calories, almost double what our low-calorie tonic waters contain for the same amount, so this can be a big saving you’re making and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

You can even look for some really low calories if you are on a fitness journey, and our refreshingly light tonic is ideal for this, at only 14 calories per 100ml.

Guilt Free Drinks

When you’re sitting in the sun sipping on a delicious gin and tonic, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about calories.

By opting for a low-calorie tonic water, you are keeping that dreaded count down, which can make your drink taste that extra bit better as it is minus the guilt of drinking something high in calories.

If you’re on a diet or a fitness regime, and you want to enjoy a drink, the thought of the calories involved can put you off. This way, you can enjoy one or two in moderation and not have to worry about getting a telling-off from your personal trainer in the morning.

These tonic waters are light and refreshing, and when choosing an option such as our elderflower and lemon tonic, or our pink grapefruit option, you’re sure to love the drink in your hand.

When you realise each of these only contains 21 calories per 100ml, you can love it that little bit more.

It is a Light Choice

When you are enjoying a few drinks with friends, you can begin to feel a bit bloated and tired if you are consuming too many drinks that are high in calories.

A low-calorie tonic water is a light choice which provides refreshment and great taste without feeling too heavy on your stomach as you drink.

This means as long as you keep the alcohol content in moderation, you will feel comfortable enjoying more drinks.

Too many calories and sugar can also begin to feel sickly after a while, and this is another great benefit of our low-calorie tonic waters as they are only made from natural flavourings and therefore always feel great on your tongue, and on your body.

It is Versatile and Always Tasty

Now, throughout this blog, we’ve really focused on the calories, but we don’t want to leave you without mentioning the taste benefits of these drinks.

Our low-calorie tonic waters are packed with a wide variety of flavours that can bring new life to your favourite alcoholic beverage.

Whether you would love a kick of citrus with our blood orange and cinnamon tonic, or prefer something sweeter such as our rhubarb and ginger option, we have the drink to satisfy your tastebuds.

The fact that every flavour has been created through natural flavourings that are sure to keep the calories down makes it even better.

Now, you don’t have to worry about going over your limit and have a plethora of different choices available to experiment with new drinks and find the perfect combination for you.

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Low-Calorie Tonic Waters from Lixir Drinks

If you want to enjoy some great flavours but without all the calories, then head over to our shop today.

We have a wide range of different flavoured tonic waters, all with low-calorie counts.

Savour your drinks without having to count calories and always enjoy them to the maximum with our health-conscious choices.

Want to know more? Then get in touch with our team today.

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