Rounding Up Our Favourite April Fool’s Jokes

We have a quick little something to lift your spirits! As you know, April Fool’s has just came around, and every year our industry gets rather creative, tapping into trends with inventive and amusing imagery. So, we’ve put together some of our favourite April Fool’s jokes within the food and beverage industry over the recent years. Hopefully they’ll give you a little laugh!

Lixir Drinks – Premium Flavoured Jams
Firstly, if you haven’t already seen, we announced that we were bringing out a new range of premium flavoured jams!















‘Ok, this is our jam… we be jammin’ in the kitchen as of late and are proud to introduce our NEW range of premium flavoured jams! Available in all our popular flavours! First up – Rhubarb & Ginger jam! Oh, we’re happy with this one! Available to order online soon. Make sure to SPREAD the love!’

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Lixir Drinks (us again, sorry!) – Smashed Avocado Tonic Water
Last year, we tricked the trade by pretending to launch a Smashed Avocado tonic water, and we picked up national press coverage in the Daily Mail, as well as numerous other articles including it in their ‘April’s New Releases’. We decided to make light of the millennial obsession with avocados with a fake product launch… an avocado-infused tonic.















‘YOU asked. WE answered. Introducing the newest edition to our range; Smashed Avocado. We’ve sourced the ripest Peruvian avocados for this one, adding fresh lemon peel and cayenne pepper. The result is a truly robust tonic that is the perfect pair to juniper-rich gins, as well herbal and savoury spirits such as tequila. At long last, you can now have your brunch AND drink it too.’

People honestly thought we had gone gin-sane, but in our eyes, this was a fantastic way to ‘pip’ up the classic G&T. We even went the extra mile, and had an article released on 31Dover, click the tab below to check it out.

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Didsbury Gin – Crocodile Tear Gin
Didsbury Gin released a memorable April Fool’s post last year, where they announced a new ‘exotic’ gin offering, just in time for summer; a gin created with ‘hand-forged crocodile tears’.















‘To rival fruity gins on the market, the “sharp and slightly salty” expression contains crocodile tears that were imported from Australia. There are 13 species of crocodile with each of the 13 botanicals in the gin replaced with tears from each specie.’

Photo credits – thespiritsbusiness.co.uk

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Hayman’s Gin – Left-handed Gin Bottles
Hayman’s Gin gave us a good giggle when they announced their launch of left-handed gin bottles, to show support for left-handed bartenders and allow them “to achieve their full potential”.















James Hayman explained: “I think many of us know or have in the past met a left-handed bartender and I have always had great sympathy for the challenges they face living in a right-handed world.

“The bartending community has always been kind to Hayman’s – this is our way of giving back; of helping every bartender to become their very best professional self – regardless of whether they are right or left-handed.”

Photo credits – thespiritsbusiness.co.uk

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Warbutons – All-Ends Loaf
And last but definitely not least – Warburtons joked that they were bringing out a new loaf. All-Ends, thick white sliced crusts. We’ll just leave this here.

Photo credits – Warbutons Facebook

Click here to see the Facebook post!


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