Why Lixir Drinks Are Proud to Be a Sustainable Brand

In the Lixir Drinks blog, we’re usually here to talk about the superior taste and quality of our mixers, but today we’re switching gears a bit.

We want to share something equally close to our hearts: our commitment to sustainability.

Creating a delicious mixer is one thing, but doing it responsibly is what truly matters to us.

Let’s dive into why we’re so proud of our sustainability initiatives and how they impact you, the planet, and future generations.

The Importance of Sustainability

In a world brimming with choices, especially when it comes to food and drink, sustainability is more than just a trendy catchphrase—it’s a necessity.

For beverage brands like us, the stakes are even higher.

From water consumption to packaging, and from supply chain management to waste disposal, the industry has a significant impact on environmental and social ecosystems.

Here’s why being a sustainable beverage brand isn’t just “nice to have”—it’s crucial.

Resource Conservation

Beverages, by definition, need water—an increasingly scarce resource.

A sustainable brand focuses on water stewardship, ensuring that this vital element is used efficiently and responsibly.

Minimising water waste not only saves money but also respects an essential worldwide resource.

Ethical Sourcing

From coffee to tea, and from fruits to botanicals, beverages often include a wide range of sourced ingredients.

Ethical sourcing ensures that products are obtained in a responsible and sustainable way, that the workers involved in making them are safe and treated fairly, and that environmental and social impacts are considered.

It’s a win-win for everyone: producers, workers, and consumers.

Lowering Carbon Footprint

Energy-intensive production processes can significantly contribute to a brand’s carbon footprint.

Switching to renewable sources of energy and optimizing transportation logistics can dramatically reduce these emissions.

Many brands go a step further by offsetting their remaining carbon emissions through reforestation projects and other initiatives.

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Waste Reduction

Think about the bottles, cans, and packaging that come with your favourite drinks.

A sustainable brand takes a circular approach to packaging—opting for materials that are either biodegradable or can be completely recycled, such as glass.

Consumer Demand

Sustainability is not just an operational need but also a market-driven one.

According to various surveys, a growing percentage of consumers are considering sustainability as a key factor when making purchasing decisions.

In other words, sustainability is good for business.

Social Responsibility

Being sustainable often extends beyond environmental considerations; it also involves supporting communities.

Whether it’s by ensuring fair wages for farmers or contributing to local economies, brands that prioritise sustainability often engage in social responsibility initiatives that improve people’s lives.

Setting Industry Standards

Brands that commit to sustainability often set an example for the entire industry.

By innovating new ways of sourcing, producing, and packaging, they pave the way for others to adopt more sustainable practises.

Long-term Viability

Lastly, sustainable practises often result in long-term benefits for the brand.

These could range from cost savings through waste reduction to fostering a more committed and proud customer base.

In a way, sustainability is not just a responsibility but an investment in a brand’s future.

How Lixir Drinks Promote Sustainability

As consumers become more conscious about the brands they support, we think it’s important to share how we are stepping up to make a positive impact on both the environment and society.

From working towards a carbon-negative footprint to planting forests and even providing clean drinking water to communities in need, our mission goes beyond crafting the perfect cocktail mixer.

Here is a bit of insight into the different layers of our sustainability initiatives that are making waves, setting industry benchmarks, and of course, giving you even more reasons to enjoy your Lixir drinks responsibly.

  • Measuring Our Carbon Footprint – In collaboration with Planet Mark, we’ve delved deep into understanding our carbon footprint—right from our brainstorming sessions to the tonic you enjoy in your evening cocktail. Our efforts have earned us a carbon-neutral certification. But we’re not stopping there, we’re aiming for more. Our vision is to transition from carbon neutral to carbon negative, and we hope to do so soon.


  • Offsetting Our Carbon Usage – What good is data if you don’t act upon it? That’s why we chose Ecologi as our partner in the fight against climate change. We’ve already planted over 1000 trees across Madagascar, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, and Nicaragua, offsetting nearly 100 tons of CO2 emissions. We’ve also created wind power in Vietnam and Northeast Thailand, and more, all with the aim of offsetting our carbon, and it’s really paying off.


  • Providing Drinking Water – In the beverage industry, we celebrate life and shared moments, often one drink at a time. That’s why we partnered with Just A Drop. For every case of Lixir sold, we provide 100 litres of clean drinking water to communities in need, and we couldn’t be happier to be in this partnership for now and the future. From constructing water tanks in Kenyan schools to educating communities about hygiene, we’re making ripples that create waves of change.


  • Breaking Boundaries in our Industry – Last October, we achieved a significant milestone by becoming the UK’s first mixer brand to earn B Corp™ certification. This independent verification ensures we meet the highest standards in social and environmental performance, offering complete transparency in every bottle of mixer that you enjoy.


  • What’s Next? – Our team is continuously exploring new ways to impact positive change. From local fundraisers to global initiatives, our sustainability journey is far from over. We’re excited, committed, and looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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Enjoy Lixir Drinks

We know that the road to full sustainability is a long one, but we’re excited about the steps we’ve already taken and even more enthusiastic about what lies ahead.

This isn’t where our story ends; in fact, it’s just another chapter in a long journey ahead.

Our team continues to explore innovative ways to amplify our positive impact, all while delivering the exceptional products you’ve come to expect from us.

So, here’s to making each sip count and to fostering a more sustainable and responsible future.

If you would like to know more about our sustainability ethos, get in touch with our team today.

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