GIN LOVERS UNITE: Help us get a G&T emoji!

Can you believe there’s no G&T emoji?! We couldn’t either! We think it’s about time that the gin lovers of the world got the emoji they deserve – so join our campaign to get one and sign our petition.


Emoji is one of the most universally recognised languages in the world used over 5 billion times a day on Facebook alone, and gin is one of the most loved drinks consumed all around the world – so how is that there still isn’t a G&T emoji?!


We’re tired of not seeing our drinking choices represented in emoji form! So, we’ve designed a G&T emoji and we want to see it sitting proudly next to the wine, whisky, beer (TWO emojis for that!), champagne (TWO emojis for that too!), martini and tiki cocktail emojis.


It’s really simple – sign the petition and then share it with your friends and family to get as many signatures as possible. Help us get 10k signatures and we’ll submit the petition to Unicode, the people who make the emojis, and try to get #JusticeForGin!

Sign It. Share It. Have a G&T.


For your chance to win a year’s supply of Lixir mixers and to keep up to date with our #GandTEmoji progress, sign up to our newsletter, the Lixir Lowdown. The winner will get a case of 24 mixers delivered straight to their door, every single month for a year. That’s a LOT of good times! Sign up here.

Our New Look

The Lixir Rebrand – Good Times. Big Flavours. Mixed By Bartenders.

Since our launch in May 2018, we’ve always loved the Lixir look but we knew it was time for a refresh, and so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with WeLaunch on our bold new brand identity. It’s the same taste you all love, but a fresh new look. Our new branding really portrays what we’re all about – Good Times. Big Flavours. Mixed By Bartenders. Read on to find out why this is our new tagline, and what it means to us.


GOOD TIMES – As bartenders, we wanted to bring drinks back to what it’s all about – having a good time. And so we created Lixir to be the mixer that makes the good times more special, because we truly believe that a mediocre drink is a wasted moment.

BIG FLAVOURS – We know what matters to you. And it matters to us too. Quality mixers that are big on flavour, low in calories, with less sugar, lower quinine and absolutely nothing artificial.

MIXED BY BARTENDERS – As bartenders by trade, our story is a huge part of why each Lixir mixer tastes and feels the way they do. Lixir has been crafted and built by bartenders, and each of our mixers has been carefully created to compliment an array of different spirits, from vodka, to vermouth, to rum, whisky and non-alcoholic spirits – the list goes on.

We’re pretty proud of our new look, and we hope you like it too.

Matt & Jordan, Founders.

18 Months Into Our Lixir Journey

Just over a year and a half has passed since our first ever production run. Here’s a little update on what we’ve been up to in 2019 and how YOU can get involved!


UK GROWTH – 0 to 1 million real quick.

We’ve recorded month on month growth since launch, surpassing production of over a million bottles, with the first 250,000 units sold in the first 6 months. Turnover has increased by over 100% since in Q1 and Q2 2019, our number of stockists continues to grow and we’ve secured a listing that sees Lixir as the exclusive mixer in Selfridges.​ Earlier in the year, we launched a gift box for John Lewis & Partners, in stores nationally and online.​


OVERSEAS GROWTH – 11 markets and growing.

The UK success has helped Lixir successfully launch into 11 overseas markets in 2019, with plans to sell into even more in 2020.


EXPANDING – Two’s company, fives a team.

We’ve expanded from a two-man team to five full-time employees, hiring Marketing & Design Executive, Harriet Johnson, and two Brand Development Managers covering the Midlands and London; Phill Morton and Will Monk. The North East is covered by Sales Consultant, Lou Crowther, and we’ve appointed George MacNicol and Michael Campbell-Lamerton as Heads of Export to help us tackle overseas with full force. As a result, we moved into our new snazzy London office in September this year.


NEW PRODUCTS – Five becomes eight.

We recently added a delicious Ginger Ale to our product portfolio, whilst also working hard on another two products that will be released January 2020. Check out our BRAND NEW Ginger Ale here.


AWARDS – We let our drinks do the talking.

Our Rhubarb & Ginger Tonic has proved incredibly popular, with sales growing 300% quarterly, and bagging itself a Great Taste 2-star award; the world’s largest and most trusted food and drinks awards. Lixir Blood Orange & Cinnamon was also awarded 1 star. Meanwhile, our Classic Indian swept an award as the best standard tonic water at the Bartenders Brand Awards 2019, and Rhubarb & Ginger was voted ‘Best Tonic’ in the Big Gin Awards 2019.



​Three non-executive directors have been appointed; Peter McDonald and James Watson, CEOs of Mosaic Pub & Dining and Barry Chevallier Guild, former chairman of Aspall Cyder. These prolific figures in the drinks industry bring a wealth of experience to Lixir and will help steer us through our next stage of growth​.

Barry Chevallier Guild – “For me the foundation for any really successful drink is first and foremost the quality of the liquid. Lixir delivers on that quality on each and every one of its tonics.”

“I am delighted to be part of a really exciting time for Lixir Drinks and look forward to working with Matt, Jordan and the team to help grow the brand both internationally and in the UK.”


With the recent growth, we’re looking ahead to further success in 2020. We’re also on the lookout for new team members and potential investors, so if you’d like to get in the mix drop us an email at info@lixirdrinks.co.uk



And, that’s almost a wrap for 2019! Thanks for all your continued support. We wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!

From the Lixir Drinks team.